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08/15/05 20:16
System Message

Buscando Trabajo En Quito

This message has been moved to the Ecuador Foro because it was in Spanish. You can view or reply at: [link below]

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Comment 1
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Moved to Ecuador Foro, has this post been, since it is not in English. Any Spanish speaking forum would be good, but it was sent directly to the location in which it was required.
Comment 2
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Here is a link that might help you with a job in Quito. Trabajo en Quito.

¡Buena suerte!

Comment 3
**/**/** **:**

Trabajo en Quito, esta es muy inprotante.
Comment 4
**/**/** **:**

I guess my Spanish is not that very good, I am truly sorry for that. I should have paid much more attention in that particular class back in the days of high school.
Comment 5
**/**/** **:**

please guys no Spanish forums, not yet at least.. please
Comment 6
**/**/** **:**

What is up with all the Spanish forums in a location that is actually supposed to be designated to English. Is it not?
Comment 7
**/**/** **:**

Spanish is a great language, but i don't know it either. Isn't this supposed to be an english forum?
Comment 8
**/**/** **:**

maybe we should change the topic then guys. keep the conversation flowing with a bit more vigor and spice huh? What do you say?
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    Quito Ecuador 'Buscando Trabajo En Quito'
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